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Our Unique Tenant Screening System ensures that Your Property Thrives through Selecting Tenants who Respect your Investment, Resulting in Lower Costs and Greater Peace of Mind!


Our Qualified Selected Tenants


Tenants that we Took Over from Other Companies

Our Services

Residential Management

We manage from single family homes to multi-story apartment complexes

And this is only an overview of our services...

Tenant Screening

All applications we receive undergo rigorous screening to ensure we only place highly qualified tenants!

We check their Credit report, Criminal background, Social media, References, Employment, Income & ID to keep you protected.

Property Advertising

We will make sure that your property is Rent ready. We use a marketing campaign across multiple platforms.

We will provide professional Photos, 3D virtual tour, Online application, Professionally written lease agreement, Move-in/out inspections and so much more!

Rent Reporting & Collection

We report rent payments to Credit Bureaus.

We keep all tenants accounts current, handle all billings through our portal and get your money directly to your bank account each month in time.

Our Services

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Our Guarantees

Residential Management

Let Us Take Care Of Your Property, Stress Free.

And this is only an overview of our guarantees...

Leasing Guarantee

One thing that really sets us apart, is that we guarantee that the tenant will stay for 12 months on a yearly lease or we will find a replacement for FREE!*

Legal Compliance Guarantee

Our extra lease agreement appendix of 7 pages, called “Rules & Regulations” has been reviewed and approved by one of the top Moncton real estate law firm. The basic NB lease is not enough to protect your investment!

Results Guarantee

We do all the work up front and you DON’T PAY us the Tenant Placement fee, nor the Management fee, until your dream tenant moves in!


We know how to keep your property in optimal condition. 

We handle all maintenance and emergency requests, all associated billing and coordinate all for you.

We provide 24/7 Service!

Financial Reporting

We ensure total transparency by providing you with performance tracking and generating monthly reports for your property. 

Just sign in any time into your online Owner Portal to have a look.

Online Portal

Our team have invested in a Cloud-based Canadian software. It’s also mobile-friendly!

Tenants can request maintenance, make payments and much more!

Owners can easily see income, expenses and much more!

Conflict Resolution

Property owners know the risk of interpersonal conflicts between tenants and neighbors, but they shouldn’t have to bear the burden while simultaneously living their own lives.

When difficult situations arise, we help mediate with empathy and clear communication.


Our careful screening process helps us avoid most tenant issues, but if a rental situation ever takes a turn for the worse, we will take the necessary steps to evict the occupant.

We will do the hard job for you!

And we pay the Eviction fees!*

Property Inspections

We perform periodic exterior property inspections.

We also recommend a preventive maintenance inspection every year with documented checklists and photos.

Property Care

We have our contacts to maintain outdoor areas, like leaf and snow removal, lawn care, removing trash and debris, etc.


Our team helps investors maximize their ROI by strategically upgrading rental properties.

We can counsel you through every stage of your renovation project including recommendations on how a project can maximize rental income, cost estimates, design ideas, act as general contractor, etc.

Cleaning Services

Our Cleaning team is more than just an average team, they are professionnal and meticulous.

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