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Management Fee

Onboarding Fee: $499

Preventive Inspection: Free¹

Maintenance Fee: Quoted

Cleaning Fee: Free²

Property Care: Quoted

Renovations: Quoted

1 Initial preventive inspections of the interior & exterior are Free of charge;
additional inspections are $79 per building.

2 Paid by Guests, except 1st clean/deep clean.

Benefits to Partnering with Azena Property Management

That most of our competitors doesn't provide...

And this is only an overview...

Responsiveness & Transparency

One thing that is frustrating as a rental property owner, is not getting updates of ongoing situations for an unacceptable time. At Azena, we have develop procedures to make sure to keep you informed of any progress as soon as possible. For example, we have invested in a software to manage our team, tasks and projects. We are more than happy to keep our clients in the loop, why wait?

Another important thing is we are transparent with our clients. We care and listen to them! That’s how you build trust, and trust is paramount in any relationship.

We are also proud to be

Maintenance Pricing & Pictures

As rental property owners ourselves, we understand that, as investors, you’re focused on maximizing your savings and tracking your expenditures. To support this, we conduct thorough research to secure the best deals on repair & maintenance services, ensuring you receive an optimal Return on Investment.

Our commitment extends to working exclusively with contractors who not only offer competitive prices but also have a proven track record of providing excellent service.

Additionally, we take pride in sharing before-and-after photos of the repairs carried out by our in-house team.

Visibility &

We do publish your rental on MULTIPLE online channels to ensure you reach as many people as possible. We use a software to synchronize calendars between channels to avoid double booking. We include 3D tour in your listing.

Consumable items, like coffee, tea, toilet paper, etc, are supplied by us!

We offer the services of an interior designer to make your place standout.

Finally, our 20% management fee is the lowest in the Greater Moncton for all the services provided!

Professional Hospitality Management

Committed property management services, including devoted property managers.

Competitive and creative revenue management to ensure you are always priced appropriately to demand. 

Guest payment collection and monthly disbursement to you. 

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